Dangerous Dogs

Where can I find Dog Liability Insurance if my dog has a documented bite history (an insurance claim or an Animal Control record)?  You found the right place!

If there is an incident involving your dog and it is brought to Animal Control, a number of things can happen. Each Animal Control follows its own set of rules and protocols.  Typically, Animal Control will keep the dogs in quarantine while they do their own investigation to decide the fate of the animal.  The investigation includes interviews with all parties involved, including the witnesses of the incident.  Eventually, Animal Control will hold a hearing and determine the fate of the dog.  The dog may or may not be labeled “vicious”, “dangerous”, “potentially dangerous or vicious” or euthanized.

If the dog is allowed to be released back to its owner, the owner must meet Animal Control’s specific requirements. 


Here are some common examples of potential requirements to fulfill before the dog is released:

  1. Dog must be: licensed, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped
  2. Provide Proof of a $100,000 Liability Insurance policy with Animal Control listed as an Additional Insured
  3. Home must display Dog Warning signs
  4. Home must have an enclosure (kennel or dog run) where dog will be kept
  5. Yard must be completely enclosed by an approved fence or wall
  6. Dog must be leashed, muzzled and restrained if outside the property
  7. Agree to take Dog Training classes
  8. Pay fees to Animal Control
  9. A home check by Animal Control to confirm all requirements are met.